Stress Free Retreat

Only focus on what matters the most ~ Yourself! Throughout your retreat we have you, your bag and your bed covered, so there’s no need to worry about the logistics, transporting your luggage or the search for accommodation. Also there is ongoing support available during the retreat to discuss any personal challenges you may have on the way. A safe, caring and nurturing space to ensure your comfort, physical needs and well being are comprehensively taken care of.

Great Value

The retreat includes a fully guided 6 day walking retreat on the Camino Portugués with hotel accommodation, a full meal plan with 3 nutritious meals per day, luggage transportation and then a full day private retreat, during which there are special carefully planned activities every day to empower your transformation process.

Experienced Facilitators

Your guide and personal coach with you all the way! A team of highly experienced professionals, with years of know-how and understanding of the practicalities of walking pilgrimage on various Camino de Santiago routes, as well as having vast experience and wisdom guiding people through life transformation and the processes involved in delivering impactful change, having helped many clients in the past with life-altering results.

Support and Pre Before

From the moment you book your spot, the journey begins, with us on hand before the retreat to help with recommended pre-camino body-mind-soul training, a personal questionnaire to get to know you better, a guide with recommendations and tips to prepare the trip and support through email and calls, all designed to maximize your benefits.

One-to-One Guidance

During the retreat you will have ongoing comprehensive support to address any questions or inconveniences 24/7. There are also available one to one sessions with your mentors to maximize the benefits of the program. After the retreat, each participant gets a private one to one online session and an invitation to a group coaching session, an essential follow up to further support your transformation process.


You will have the unique opportunity to strengthen your connection with yourself, with nature and with the Source, Universe, or the Divine – however you choose to name it! Also to build long lasting connections with a small group of like minded participants in their own transformation process. The connections further continue with the strong energy of millions of pilgrims who have previously walked the way to Santiago in their own personal journeys of discovery and transformation.

Sacred “Me” Time

Does your inner-self need a spiritual holiday? Take a break from your busy and intense high-velocity life and find the perfect space to reconnect with your soul. If you are craving for some sacred time, away from the noise and anxiety of life, to regain your balance, this Soul Camino journey of adventure, self-discovery and nurture, miles away from your routine and stressful life might be the answer you are looking for. Find your inner peace, find a release from your old burdens, and experience the transformational journey of your lifetime.

Deep Soul and Inner-Work

Practices for self-empowerment! Thoughtfully curated workshops and activities incorporating spiritual and psychotherapeutic practices are at the heart of Soul Camino, all designed for deep soul and inner-work. Discover, practice, integrate relevant and practical tools that you will continue to use “in real life”. This retreat has been developed for those who are seeking to understand their soul journey, present life, realign and discover their life purpose, and empower body, mind and soul.

Lasting Transformation

Soul Camino retreat is a program custom-designed to unveil your full potential, helping you to discover and embrace your life purpose. We are committed to help you and support you in your own process to deliver deep personal change and real lasting transformation. If you are looking to create the life you want and you are ready to break through your negative and self-limiting beliefs, challenge yourself and deepen the understanding of your own inner power, you have found the right place.

Culture and Heritage

Walk in the footsteps of history itself! Soul Camino is a life changing 115 km journey of panoramic views full of history, walking the same footsteps of the millions of pilgrims that have been sharing the pilgrimage routes since as early as the 9th century. Feel the joy of getting your Pilgrim passport stamped, getting each day closer to the life you want and enjoying the Spanish hospitality and charm throughout the entire way, embracing a strong connection with nature and heritage of Camino.

What Makes Us Different

We are the only transformation program that continues after the Camino. When reaching Santiago, your Camino doesn’t end, your personal transformation journey continues, as Soul Camino is the ONLY program that gives you the opportunity to embrace and integrate all you have discovered and experienced during the camino in a full days private retreat after the walk has finished. During this time you will have the time to relax and restore, as well as complete the transformation process you began on the way to Santiago.

Special Activities and Surprises!

Each day of the program was carefully designed to deliver real transformation through thoughtfully daily practices and unique activities. From special ceremonies, to active meditation, psychotherapy techniques, soul regressions and progressions, breathwork and mindful exercises and techniques, tailored to connect with each stage of the Camino Portugués, deepening even more once we engage in the private retreat. There will be also a few surprises along the way!