Delithra, from Malaysia

“My session with Teresa gave me answers to questions I had…Teresa is able to seamlessly weave practical explanations into other worldly experiences one may have in a session. The self inquiry then took me deeper into myself. I would highly recommend a session with Teresa for anyone seeking to fulfil an emotional void or feeling.”

Ix, from China

“In Teresa I see the perfect fusion of spirituality and humanity with great authenticity. I would strongly recommend her sessions to everyone who is seeking a personalized and efficient healing experience. I just can’t wait to join her upcoming international workshops and retreats!”

Renate, from Australia

“Teresa is an incredible, inspirational, strong feminine soul. I felt called to take Teresa’s Soul Contract retreat…and after two days of doing deep soul work I’ve become aware of my patterns that have run over several lifetimes, gotten clarity about my soul purpose and left the retreat with a greater sense of courage, confidence and mission in life.”

Marina, from Russia

“I was shocked. Always was a skeptic about the concept of the soul. But thanks to Teresa, I discovered the unknown territories. Theresa spoke very professionally with me, and thanks to her I clarified many moments of my life.”

Ala, from Egypt

It is great to find someone who could open a new gates for a promising horizon for you, take you far a way at the past and answer your present question, put you in the right path”

Diana, from United States

“The experience itself is one of the most powerful and deep things you can do, with endless insights that keep coming to me even weeks after the session. Teresa was a wonderful guide for this journey: reassuring, kind, supportive. A non-intrusive and non-judgemental, experienced and powerful guide.”

Leeyin, from Malaysia

“Teresa guided us gently, shifting from time to time, space to space and giving us space to gain insightful information and messages in knowing our ‘why’ … indeed a magical journey for us to explore and unite with our true purpose.”

Camille, from France

“Wonderful experience with Teresa, she is very caring and attentive to your well-being, to accompany you in the best way possible into your personal journey before, during and after the session. I highly recommend everyone to try a walk with her you’ll only be plenty satisfied.”