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If you are looking for a way to create the life you want, break negative and self-limiting beliefs and start living a purpose-centered life, you have come to the right place. Get the guidance and support you need to overcome your personal challenges of the body, mind, and soul, to deepen the understanding of your own inner power and to create lasting transformation. We have designed thoughtfully curated workshops, activities, and practices that will empower you, day by day through a guided transformation process, integrating tools that will continue to help you once the retreat is over. A unique comprehensive program developed by experienced facilitators to unleash your full potential.

Soul Camino is a new way to transform!

The Healers Masterclass Retreat includes a fully guided 6-day walking retreat on the Camino Portugués and a full-day retreat following the walk, where you will amongst many things find the key to heal and say a final goodbye to old ways, while cultivating patience, calmness, self-care and inner-wisdom in a gradual learning process of self-empowerment.

First 5 spots get a private healing or coaching session worth €150 for FREE.

On this Soul Camino retreat we honour the powerful transformational significance of the Autumnal Equinox as the time of year where we activate our new growth cycle, when we face the inner-darkness. In facing the darkness within we prepare for the birth of the Light within, thus honouring your own growth and the light which serves us in building health and wellness, the burning away of past pains and challenges. Like light dissolving away the darkness, it is about rediscovering the joy of being alive and growing, a precious reminder to ourselves to reconnect with Life, Light and Love.

We have walked many Caminos and have handpicked the Portuguese Way as the best route to fulfil your needs during this unique personal transformation program. This Camino is the most suited for you to embrace inner peace and personal transformation in a relaxed and beautiful environment.

The average daily distance walked is 20 km, but don’t worry, it is with breaks along the way! So the pace you will have to walk is gentle, but there are some hills, so be prepared!

We have carefully selected activities and practices that will empower you day by day through a guided transformation process. Our exclusive program is limited up to 12 guests per retreat. We welcome people of all faiths and beliefs, committed to personal self-exploration and transformation.

We are very happy to have you on board!

Day 1

Arrive in Vigo and we will help you check-in to the hotel, hold an introduction evening to get to know you, and you the group over a welcome drink and group dinner at the hotel.

Day 2
Vigo - Redondela (18 km - 5 hours of walking)

We will walk the Senda de Agua, “The Water Path” along the coast of the Ria de Vigo, through coastal villages and towns, arriving at our destination in the afternoon.

For the start of our walk, we will work together on rebooting our physical, emotional and mental state, taking time to reconnect with yourself and to learn self-enhancement tools to establish healthy boundaries.

Day 3
Redondela - Pontevedra (20 km, - 5.5 hours of walking)

From Redondela we walk to Arcade, before continuing onto Ponte Sampaio, cross the medieval bridge over the River Verdugo, and continuing to Pontevedra in the afternoon.

Today we will reflect on what’s really important to you and how do you experience greater fulfilment. You will also learn a technique to shift and break your internal negative conditioning, and how to open more to understanding, compassion and love.

Day 4
Pontevedra - Caldas de Reis (21 km - 5.5 hours of walking)

Today the Camino follows the Rîo da Gándara, the yellow arrows pointing the way past paintings of angels, statues of Santiago, and forests of Oaks towards our destination the Roman town of Caldas de Reis.

We will tap into the wisdom of the heart, learn to be balanced, and how to cultivate loving relationship with ourselves and others. You will explore the science of breathing for centering along with tools for creating a state of inner peace and clarity.

Day 5
Caldas De Reis - Padron (19 km, 5 hours of walking)

The Camino in the morning passes the impressive stone church at Santa Mariña, then the afternoon walk is downhill through paths surrounded by the wondrous, majestic scent of enchanted Galician moss-covered forest, arriving by the river in Padrón.

Today it will all be about trusting your Inner Compass by discerning the true and false. A silent day where you will learn to detect the reliability of your Inner Compass and discover how you could distinguish the right or wrong direction in life. We will further immerse in the unique practice of Forest Bathing that would sharpen our six senses.

Day 6
Padron - Santiago (25 km, 6.5 hours of walking)

The final day of walking, and the zenith of the walk, arriving in Santiago. Excitement builds until the magnificent cathedral of Santiago is before you, and you collect your hard earned Compostela. Explore the vibrant gem Santiago before we gather for the evening reflection circle and a celebration dinner.

Loving yourself can be especially challenging during difficult times of your life. Today, you would delve into the dynamics of self and unconditional love and how that could be applied to living a purpose-centered life, raising your self-worth and acceptance.

Day 7

In our post camino workshops we will embark on the deeper inner work, and we will delve into all the insights that you would have received during your walk and the new perspective that comes with it, reveals the why, what and how those life lessons could be determined and transformed into living a life that you have always desired.

Day 8
Santiago ~ Farewell to All and Check Out Day

After this, we would have unshakeable confidence, centred and calm with wider perspective and whatever happens, we will handle it and trust that it would be well. After the retreat, we will continue to transform ourselves, to better weather the winds of change – always working within our highest good and others. At the same time, we will cultivate patience, calm and wisdom as transformation is a gradual and learning process. Allow it to unfold over time and to evolve into your new reality, one that you have created with greater sense of purpose, empowerment and love.

Trip Includes:

  • 8 days and 7 nights personal transformation comprehensive retreat program.
  • 7 nights of shared accommodation during the Camino Portugués walking retreat.
  • All meals covered! Nutritious breakfasts, lunches and dinners included.
  • Luggage transportation during the Camino for one bag up to 20kg
  • Pre-camino recommended training program and Comprehensive Retreat guide
  • A highly trained team with a private guide and experienced facilitators.
  • Thoughtfully curated daily practices and activities for deep soul level inner-work.
  • Welcome dinner and closing ceremony.
  • One-to-one personal coaching session after the retreat.
  • A few surprises along the way!

Trip Excludes:

  • Plane tickets - we will meet you in Vigo to start our journey.
  • Travel Visa - but happy to help where possible with the arrangements.
  • Medical or travel insurance - a definite requirement.
  • Extra drinks or snacks during the retreat.
  • Activities or excursions outside the retreat program.
  • Other transportation costs not stated on the program.

Walking Retreat: Our day…

06.30               Breakfast

07.15                Set intention

07:30               Start walk!

09.30               Meditation Exercise and Special Activity on day’s topic

10.30               Resume Walk

13.30                Lunch

16:00               End of Walk – Reach accommodation, check in and refresh.

17:30               Reflections and Sharing Circle (90 mins)

19:30               Dinner

Post walking Day Retreat:

07:00               Nutritious breakfast 

08.00               Meditation and Inner-work practices

08.30               Reflections Circle – Share and Inspire! Receive and Nurture.

10.00               Morning session – Retreat Exercise / Workshop

12.00               Tasty ‘Peregrino’ (pilgrim) lunch by local chef

13.00               Afternoon session – Healer Masterclass and Workshop

16.00               Break

16.30               Afternoon session – Healer Masterclass and Workshop

19.00               Closing Ceremony

20.00              Delicious Celebration Dinner


How long is the program?

The total retreat program covers 8 days and 7 nights. The first phase of the program includes 6 days and 6 nights, starting in Vigo with a welcome drink at the hotel, dinner and overnight stay. We start the walk early morning at the next day and the walking retreat lasts 5 full days until we reach Santiago de Compostela. We spend two nights in Santiago, and after a well deserved restful evening and sleep, on the day after arriving we have a full day of workshops and activities, finishing with a Closing Ceremony and delicious Celebration Dinner.

How do I get there?

You are expected to travel independently to Vigo, where the retreat begins. There are a number of options to travel to Vigo from the common entry points into Spain, like direct daily flights from Madrid and Barcelona, trains and buses. All participants will receive a travel information guide with complete information on how to get there and upon request additional information assistance with travel arrangements. Depending on your passport, a Visa might be required.

Daily walking distances?

A little over 100 km (62 miles) in total during the five days, on the last five stages of the Portuguese way from Vigo to Santiago de Compostela. The average daily distance walked is 20 km, between 5 and 6 hours, but don’t worry, it is with two breaks along the way! The pace you will have to walk is gentle, but there are some hills. We recommend ABSOLUTELY above all else you break in your footwear, and also you to be in good physical condition, as the walk will be more enjoyable if you are in good cardiovascular shape. We will send you our recommended preparation program with guidelines and tips for you to get ready!

Which places will we visit?

During the pilgrimage we will walk the final segment of the Portuguese way, connecting Vigo, Redondela, Pontevedra, Caldas de Reis, Padrón and Santiago de Compostela. Once the walking retreat is over you will spend a further day and night in Santiago working even further and deeper on your personal transformation process, through a series of practices that will empower you, guided your transformation process, and provide the integrating tools that will continue to help you once the retreat is over. Soul Camino is a unique comprehensive program developed by experienced facilitators to unleash your full potential.

Walking alone or with a group?

We will work as a small group of up to 12 participants, and during the course of the day there will be a range of activities which everyone will take part in, either on their own or with the others in the group. We recommend being with the group when special activities are happening. Each day we will provide a schedule. Pairing up with someone who walks at the same pace as you is always a good idea, but there will be times you will walk alone, either by choice or to engage in a solo activity. You will have a guide and facilitator walking with you always, who is available to help with any issues you may have, and of course to make sure everyone gets to where they need to be.

What if I can’t walk that far?

It’s recommended to start training before the retreat to be able to walk a minimum of 20 km each day. It is anticipated that the day’s walking will be in sections of between 6 and 8 km. We ask that you be prepared to undertake the challenge and make the effort to walk every step. It is important to listen to your body, we know this from experience, but don’t worry we will be with you, a guide and facilitator, every step of the way, to encourage you, support you, and assist you to complete the walk. If for some reason you really can’t make it we can arrange a taxi for you to the destination for the day.

What will the weather be like?

During the Spring and Autumn months the average high temperature is 18-20°C (64-66°F) and average low is 10-11°C (50-52°F). The amount of rainfall may vary but there can be a few raining days along the way, so we will recommend you some rain protection.

When I walk will I carry everything?

We have you covered! You won’t be needing to carry your luggage. We have arranged that your luggage will be transferred ahead of you and will be waiting at the next hotel for you. The service includes one bag up to 20kg. You will however want to bring with you on the walk a comfortable day pack to carry water, snacks, camera, journal, itinerary, rain jacket or poncho, etc.

The accommodation?

During the Camino we will be staying in 2/3-star accommodation in towns and villages along the route walked between the cities of Vigo and Santiago de Compostela. Each hotel is carefully selected to provide comfortable cozy lodging, and the basis is shared twin rooms with private bathrooms (optional Private Room add on available). The hotels chosen are very familiar with pilgrims, and many of the other guests are likely to be pilgrims as well! All the accommodation is on a twin bed basis, and will be tastefully furnished and have comfortable beds.

Is food and drink included?

All the meals are included! During the Camino there will be a typical Spanish breakfasts served at the accommodation, picnic or cafe lunches, and a traditional pilgrim menu with three courses in the evening. Some vegetarian options will be offered in each accommodation. We highly recommend eating light food and avoid consuming red meat, and if white meat is desired it is consumed in moderation. We recommend a fruit and vegetable based diet to engage in greater openness during the retreat, and to allow for the process of transformation to be more effective throughout. Drinking water fountains are available along the way and we encourage you to significantly hydrate. Water or wine is traditionally offered to pilgrims with dinner. We would however recommend none, or not more than one glass a day, in order to fully engage with the transformational processes you will be immersed in. Snacks and extra drinks are not provided, but are available for participants to purchase periodically along the route.

Do I receive the ‘Compostela’?

As our walk will cover the last 100km of the Camino Portugués this means you can receive for your pilgrim ‘Compostela’ certificate from the Pilgrim Office when you arrive in Santiago! Your pilgrim passport must be stamped twice each day (e.g., in hotels, bars, restaurants, churches, albergues) along the walk, but don’t worry we will be with you all the way to ensure you don’t forget.

What do I need to bring?

After you have made a reservation we will email you a detailed packing list with all the equipment you may need for the retreat and our recommendations for hiking items and footwear to clothing.

Is this program right for me?

We welcome people of all faiths and beliefs, committed to personal self-exploration and transformation. If you are looking for a way to create the life you want, break negative and self-limiting beliefs and start living a purpose centered life, you have come to the right place! If you need guidance and support overcoming personal challenges of the body, mind and soul, if you want to deepen the understanding of your own inner power to create lasting transformation, this program is definitely for you. We have designed thoughtfully curated workshops, activities and practices that will empower you, day by day through a guided transformation process. A unique comprehensive program developed by experience facilitators to unleash your full potential. Soul Camino is a new way to transform!

Need to know more?

We would love to have a call from you and go through the details in person! Please book a call using our Book A Call request, or directly call our team any time Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm (GMT), and we will answer any questions you may have. If you would like details of the Full Program please request it with our facility on this website. You can also send us your questions to info@soulcamino.com.
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Healers Masterclass Retreat
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